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Hunter Green Hatbox Large


This vintage-inspired hatbox is not only the chicest way to protect your hats but an impossibly charming caddy for your favourite things. Allow the beautiful Hunter Green Hatbox to house anything from hats to electronics, notebooks to beauty products. The handsome hunter green hard-bodied case is tonally accentuated with British brown leather straps and gold stud details that open to reveal a Snaffle-inspired lining in tans and cream. Enjoy traveling with your best hats knowing they’ll arrive in perfect form.

Hold your case by your side with the detachable shoulder strap or secure around the retractable handle of your wheeled SteamLine for ease of travel.

When not in use, your SteamLine Hatbox makes for a gorgeous conversation piece as decorative home storage.

LARGE: Fits two Panama and/or broad-brimmed hats + handbag valuables*

*Tuck your wallet, makeup, jewelry, a small book, and glasses/sunglasses under your hat(s).

Measuring 14.5" x 13.5" x 6" & Weighing 3.5lbs.

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Precision Clasps

Two classic buckle clasps elegantly secure your hatbox.

Shoulder Strap

Adjustable leather strap that attaches to the sides of your handheld case for carrying over your shoulder or cross body.

Size & Weight

Measuring 15" x 14" x 6" & Weighing 3.5 lbs, this all-leather case has been engineered specifically to be lightweight and flexible - perfect for modern travel.

Case Attachment Strap

A small strap for securely attaching your handheld case to the handle of your wheeled telescopic luggage for convenient transport when together on the move.

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