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Natural leather product’s appearance will change over time. The vegetable-tanned leather softens and often patinas depending on your own adventures around the world and how well it is stored during your sojourns at home.
Embrace the beauty marks of travel as you and your SteamLine case adventure together. Here are some tips to keep it in great, well-travelled condition.

Cleaning your case:
1. Wipe clean using a soft damp cloth and a mild soap to remove any surface marks or debris.
2. Gently dry the surface. Most dirt and scuff marks can be removed with a neutral eraser.
3. Allow to dry completely before storage, ideally in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. If you wish, you can use leather-care products to maintain the appearance of your case, every 3-6 months. This of course is not necessary with our Vegan collections.

Removing airline stickers: we recommend using a hairdryer on the strong adhesives to gently loosen and remove stickers to avoid glue stains or tears.
Storing my leather case: Store out of direct sunlinght in a warm, dry place. Lots of our customers decorate their homes with their luggage & they double as excellent storage while you’re not on your travels.

Luggage for Life is SteamLine's lifetime luggage refurbishment program. In partnership with Modern Leather Goods in New York City, we will work with you to make any cosmetic or mechanical repairs to your SteamLine case for the life of your luggage. Please contact us at to begin reviewing your needs!

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