The Explorer - Mini Mini Steamline Luggage
The Explorer - Mini Mini Steamline Luggage
The Explorer - Mini Mini Steamline Luggage
The Explorer - Mini
The Explorer - Mini Mini Steamline Luggage

The Explorer



Sustainable2 Yr Warranty
6.7" x 8.3" x 3.5" / 5 lbs Adjustable arm strap Original SteamLine print
Stylish and sustainable, subtle and sweet. Our Mini is truly perfect for the explorer in you to wander and roam...
• 6.7" x 8.3" x 3.5" / 5 lbs• Adjustable arm strap• Original SteamLine print

Stylish and sustainable, subtle and sweet. Our Mini is truly perfect for the explorer in you to wander and roam with ease.

The naturally renewable rattan Explorer handbag is lined with a hand-illustrated exotic bird print inspired by the rainforests of Costa Rica and designed by Louis Barthelemy.

It's accented with brown leather trims and features leather straps and gold hardware.

Carry your case by your side with the detachable shoulder strap or hold it a chic little clutch. 

When not in transit, your Hatbox Deluxe makes for stylish stowage.

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Your cases are protected by a two year warranty policy against manufacturing faults. For more details please see our warranty page.

Luggage for Life is SteamLine's lifetime luggage refurbishment program. In partnership with Modern Leather Goods in New York City and Santana Leather Care in North Carolina, we will work with you to make any cosmetic or mechanical repairs to your SteamLine case for the life of your luggage. 

Please contact us at to begin reviewing your needs!

Detachable straps:

You will have a long detachable shoulder strap inside your case.

Setting your combination lock:

  1. Open the lock by sliding the square button away from the combination dials to release the latch. Note the combination code will be set at 000 when it arrives to you.
  2. While the lock is open, slide the square button towards the combination dials. Keep holding this button until you have completed the next step.
  3. Set your new combination by rolling each dial until it displays your desired code making sure the three digits are centered in the middle and that your new code is something that you will remember in the future.
  4. Release the button.

And that’s it, it’s that simple! You now have a customized combination code of your choosing!

The appearance of natural leather products will change over time. 
If you wish, you can use leather-care products to maintain the appearance of your case, every 3-6 months. This of course is not necessary with our vegan collections.
For Pasco fibreboard cases, you may use a neutral color gum eraser to remove marks from the exterior of the fibreboard cases. 

For the linen in The Editor collection, you can use a foam shoe or upholstery cleaner to gently rub out any dirt or debris from the linen fibers. 

Removing airline stickers: 
We highly recommend using a hairdryer to gently loosen and remove stickers to avoid glue stains or tears. 

Storing your leather case:
Store out of direct sunlight in a dry place of cool temperature. Larger cases are best stored upright and when empty please do not lay anything heavy on top of the lid to prevent the locks misaligning.
See our full Product Care Guide for more information.

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The details.

Adjustable shoulder strap
Inside Pocket

The interior pocket is ruched to accommodate miscellaneous shapes and securely elasticized to keep your small items in place.

Combination lock

A three-dial set-your-own combination lock that ensures the security of your personal items.

Adjustable shoulder strap

Adjustable strap that attaches to the sides of your handheld for when you want to carry it over the shoulder or cross body.

Unparalleled craftmanship & quality materials.

Natural rattan

Our Rattan is a sustainable, Balinese-sourced, plant material. Often woven into a wicker weave, rattan is at once lightweight and incredibly durable.

Top-Grain quality leather

Exclusively used for our corners, handles, and straps, top-grain leather is a solid leather that is workable and light-weight for travel. This particular leather features a stunning finish that gives the case a smooth feel and look, while also preventing stains from settling.

Original lining design

A distinctive feature of SteamLine is our artist-made linings. We take pride in our collaborations with artists from around the world, transforming hand-rendered illustrations into works of art that delight and excite proud SteamLine owners. Our mission is to make every step of your journey exciting and beautiful, starting from the moment you open your luggage to pack for the adventure ahead.


Working with the same team of artisans for more than 15 years, each piece of SteamLine Luggage is made by hand with personal ownership of every detail. Fiberboard bases are molded and shaped to create the form before leather straps and corners are hand-stitched and riveted into place. Our printed linings and protective covers have all been hand-illustrated by artists from around the world, making each case an artistic collaboration inside and out.

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