How to Best Protect, Clean, and Repair Your SteamLine Luggage

Our SteamLine cases are full of character, from the moment they arrive at your front door. That character only grows with time and travel. Natural leather products change over time, darkening and softening based on use and wear. These changes will not affect the luggage’s functionality. Instead, such changes merely tell the story of a happy traveller! 

The Care and Keeping of Your SteamLine Case: How to Protect, Clean, and Repair Your Vintage-Inspired Luggage

When it comes to repairing damage or wear-and-tear, our luggage is very similar to the construction of shoes. For repairs or a little refurbishment, a local cobbler will do wonders for sprucing up your luggage. 

For slight bumps and marks along the way, embrace these as signs of your adventures and luggage well-lived. We love the vintage look and see our cases as your very own modern day heirloom.

Specific Concerns and Cleaning Instructions for SteamLine Cases

There are a few situations that come up regularly in travel—unwanted stickers, errant marks, or tears to leather and case materials. Read on for all you need to know about the most common concerns that arise over the cleaning and repair of our luggage!

The Care and Keeping of Your SteamLine Case: How to Protect, Clean, and Repair Your Vintage-Inspired Luggage

How to Remove (Unwanted) Stickers

One of the main issues that the cases can have, especially those made of Pasco, is the removal of the airline stickers, particularly those barcoded ones that every airline seems to put on every case. These are really stubborn and can remove the paint that covers our cases. Make sure that when you remove to apply a little heat source, like a hair dryer, to the sticker first to loosen the adhesive and then it will peel off easily without damaging the coating of the luggage body. 

Of course, our own Annie Atkins luggage stickers remove easily and are not only stunning luggage accessories but can also be used to cover any unsightly marks until you clean or repair your luggage.

Removing Unsightly Marks & Scuffs...

...From Japanese Pasco Fiberboard

For any of our Japanese Pasco fiberboard cases, such as the Sweetheart Collection, a neutral colour eraser or rubber does wonders for removing black marks from the luggage belt or other small blemishes. 

...From Leather

To clean marks from one of our leather cases, use a little shoe conditioner on the leather corners and straps is a good option if they are looking a little worn. 

...From the Linen Editor

For marks on The Editor or one of our linen cases, a little soap and water and shoe brush does the trick. Or for more stubborn stains, try a little foaming carpet cleaner.

The Care and Keeping of Your SteamLine Case: How to Protect, Clean, and Repair Your Vintage-Inspired Luggage

Details from our Editor Collection, featuring durable linen and stunning leather trims.

For more information about the materials that go into a SteamLine Case, please read our Materials Guide here.

The Water Resistance of SteamLine’s Luggage

While we’d never want to see you submerge your SteamLine, our materials have been tempered and treated to tolerate even very heavy rain. So should you be stuck in one of those dramatic downpours, such as most of us have experienced in our adventures, rest assured that your luggage or your SteamLine Mini will emerge unscathed.  (We can’t say the same for your umbrella…)

The Care and Keeping of Your SteamLine Case: How to Protect, Clean, and Repair Your Vintage-Inspired Luggage

What To Do Should Your Luggage Tear

Please contact us at about our New York repair center or enlist your local cobbler. Friendly reminders: please do NOT pull airline stickers off of your luggage, which can tear off paint, and DO use your protective cover. As with a leather jacket or any of your leather goods, our leather luggage will not tear with normal use, but should an extenuating incident cause a tear, the experts have a range of tips and tricks to address this concern.

What To Do If Your Locks Are Not Closing

They simply need to be aligned or realigned! Watch this short video to see how to align new cases or realign locks after extensive use. 

The Beauty of Our Protective Covers

To safeguard the beauty of your SteamLine, we also have protective ripstop covers for all of our rolling cases. Our matching Covers, which come with each of our Carryons, Spinners, and Stowaways, are coordinated with the case’s lining and designed to protect the luggage from the elements or rough baggage handling. Simply slip on the cover ahead of checking in any SteamLine cases at the airport, and rest assured that your luggage will emerge at baggage claim in its original condition. When not in use, the covers fold up into a convenient pack that can slip over the case’s handle.

Three of our coordinated Protective Ripstop Covers, matching the Lip Print Entrepreneur, the Maisonette Collaboration Collection, and the Navy Entrepreneur.

Helpful Hint for When on the Road with your Ripstop Cover

It’s best to stow your cover inside your case or an easy-to-find place. If you have more than one cover, ensure you head to the airport with the correct size by checking under the cover’s handle to confirm.

SteamLine's Stowaway Ripstop Cover

Warranties and Repairs on your SteamLine Luggage Case

Our Warranty

We want you to shop our vintage-inspired luggage with confidence. SteamLine offers a two year warranty against manufacturing faults in our cases. Should something on your case break due to a manufacturing fault, SteamLine will repair the case for you. Unfortunately, this does not cover cosmetic damage or damage caused by misuse. More information on our two year warranty can be found in the SteamLine Help Center.

Our Repair Center

We have a designated repair center in NYC if you need any specific repair or would simply like a refurb, write to let us know!


SteamLine Luggage's Hunter Green Diplomat with Snaffle Inspired Lining

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