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Luggage Covers & Practical Protection for Your SteamLine Case

It’s clear that SteamLine Luggage cases are expertly designed and crafted with an eye for detail. However, what you might not know is that a great deal of care is taken to ensure our SteamLine Luggage’s protection when you’re out and about. 

Many may feel wary of checking our beautiful cases, and likely for good reason: who hasn’t had a situation where a suitcase comes out of baggage claim in substantially worse condition than when it was checked? 

SteamLine Luggage has this problem covered, literally!

SteamLine’s ripstop nylon protective cover that slips over case - and then after use, this sleek parcel folds into itself and can be secured to telescopic handle when moving quickly between locations. Pictured are the coordinated ripstop covers of our Artist Stowaway, Architect Stowaway, and Anthropologist Navy Stowaway

The coordinated ripstop covers of our Artist, Architect, and Anthropologist.

Extend the SteamLine Luggage’s Durability with the Protection of Our Specialty Luggage Cover

As you know, SteamLine employs a variety of durable and unparalleled materials to make our beautiful cases. But sometimes it’s rough out there, and we wanted to give our cases the upper hand when it comes to practical protection. A few years ago, SteamLine Luggage began to develop special ripstop suitcase covers to add extra protection to cases, particularly when they are checked at the airport. 

SteamLine’s ripstop luggage bag covers are protective cases that simply slip over the case itself. They are easy to secure with Velcro® underneath the case and fold up into a discrete, small parcel that can be quickly secured to our cases’ telescopic handle.

SteamLine's ripstop nylon protective cover folds into a sleek parcel and can be secured to your case's telescopic handle when not in use. Pictured is the cover of our Sweetheart as photographed by Annie Fairfax.

Not quite sure what to picture here? Think of it as a little bodysuit for your luggage. 

But Why Would You Hide Your Beautiful Case?

It’s natural to ask, why would you want to cover the beautiful case you bought in order to travel in style. Don’t worry, we thought of that, too!

Besides focusing on ease of application and removal, SteamLine founder Sara Banks decided to create coordinated protection with each case’s ripstop cover, matching them to the case’s exclusive SteamLine print lining, a work of art unto itself. This actually gives you one more way to enjoy the print you love, while the cover's clean fit keeps the lines sleek.

The botanical lining of our Sweetheart, humming with gorgeous foliage, flowers, and birds. Designed by artist Meryl Perdoen.

Do Luggage Covers Work?: When and How to Use the Ripstop Covers

Most concerns with SteamLine Luggage’s durability come up in regards to checking bags. While our cases are built to withstand rough handling, we also understand your desire to avoid unsightly wear that may occur. Our ripstop covers are designed to address this concern.  

SteamLine’s ripstop covers are designed primarily for our larger cases—that is, those that are intended to be checked. However, all of SteamLine Luggage’s rolling cases come with a coordinated cover. 

While our Carryon cases are sized for just that—to be carried and kept with you on the plane—sometimes busy planes or unforeseen circumstances can force us to check even our SteamLine Carryons. This won’t be an issue for you, since the cover folds up so neatly and attaches to the case for those just-in-case moments.

The Diplomat with its folded cover. Photos by Pretty Little Fawn.

Using Luggage Protective Covers Will Become Second Nature

While covering your luggage may not feel intuitive at first, it'll soon be a new habit as reflexive as, for example, putting on a mask! You will still look gorgeous as you roll, and you will relax in the knowledge that your case will stay unblemished for all the places you enjoy your SteamLine—on the road, in your hotel, and even at home.

The coordinated ripstop covers on our Entrepreneur Red Carryon, Anthropologist Orange Carryon, and Entrepreneur Navy Carryon
The coordinated ripstop covers of our Lip Print CollectionMaisonette Children's Set, and the blue and white stripes of our Entrepreneur and Correspondent series.


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