If Luggage Could Talk: The Adventurous Case of Perrin Banks

Left: Perrin in Kenya, her latest country of residence in Africa, where she has lived and worked for the past ten years.

Perrin Banks's suitcase has seen the world. Since 2006 it has accompanied her to 33 counties over hundreds of thousands of miles. It has been with her in the jungles of the Congo, down Brazil’s Amazon river, up the Simien mountains of Ethiopia, and on countless journeys in between.

Perrin's Black Diplomat Carryon, vintage 2006

It has been her companion in excitement, fatigue, and trepidation over what lay ahead. It has also been there every time she has packed her bag to go home, exhausted and satisfied after an adventure accompli. Its marks tell the tracks of time, place, and memory, and everywhere Perrin roams, it brings a piece of home—her past and her plans—with her.

Perrin on a gorilla trek in the Impenetrable National Park of Bwindi, Uganda.

We at SteamLine love our gleaming, perfect suitcases, but we also love the pretty imperfections of a piece that has been loved and lugged—a suitcase that has accompanied our journeys, taken some hits, and proven we are with you for the long haul.

A new SteamLine arrives to you with a flawless complexion, clean lines, and polished hardware—a blank canvas ready to join you on an adventure only you can dream up. Built to age well, your SteamLine will show you the beauty of owning luxury luggage, whether you choose to preserve it like new or let it reflect your road over the course of your travel life.

The complete Cream Diplomat Collection: Spinner, Carryon, Stowaway, Vanity and Mini.The complete Cream Diplomat Collection: Spinner, Carryon, Stowaway, and Vanity.

Our Matching Protective Covers


With luggage check in mind, a few years back we realised the need for providing protective covers with our cases. Whilst we embrace our “character lines,” we know how baggage can be handled behind the scenes and that even when you intend to carry on, you can be forced to check. What then about hiding our beautiful cases? Fortunately our founder, Sara Banks, had the idea to coordinate each cover with its case’s lining. Now every collection lets you protect your case in the SteamLine spirit of un-cramped style.

The Gist

-We provide stylish protective covers with each wheeled case.

-We strongly recommend slipping on your cover before checking your case.

-The cover is easy to slip on and simply Velcro® underneath—like a bodysuit for luggage.

Perrin, currently busy building schools in Cameroon with the African Wildlife Foundation, bids you smooth sailing, wherever the world takes you.

Keep tabs on Perrin's extraordinary travels and work @pippenbanks!

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